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PitchScope Navigator uses pitch detection to transcribe the notes of a MP3 recording.

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Automatic Note Detection for your MP3 music files.

PitchScope Navigator PD is the latest music transcription software to use our Realtime Note Detection Engine which allows you to automatically transcribe the notes of an instrumental solo on a MP3 file into a Notelist while playing a song.

After detection, the notes of the Notelist are displayed in a DrivingView with piano-roll notation where they can be modified and/or played back for easy learning at various Slowed-down Play Speeds.

Transcribed Notelists can be saved and reloaded from hard drive, can also be modified with a graphic editor, printed out in piano-roll notation, and played at various speeds via Windows built-in Midi Synthesizer, or through an external Midi Device connected to your computer. Navigator is a type of educational software and is simple enough to use for children 8 years and older.

Download Instructions

Click on the link below to get to MediaFire’s website, and receive the free installation file called setupNavigatorPD.exe for your Windows computer. Then click on the green Download Button next to the text ‘setupNavigatorPD’ and download that installation file to your download folder, or other known folder.

After saving setupNavigatorPD.exe to a known folder, run that simple installation file (right click, select ‘Open’) to install PitchScope Navigator PD on your Windows computer. You can then launch Navigator by mouse-clicking on its desktop icon. Easy to read help files and tutorials can be accessed from the app’s Help Menu.

Software Features

Automatic Note Detection in Realtime.

Having trouble figuring out all the notes in that tricky guitar solo? Just load a MP3 music file, find an instrumental solo, and press the red Record Button. And all the while the MP3 file plays, the notes of an instrument solo are automatically transcribed to a Notelist while they are animated to Navigator’s Driving View. Navigator works by detecting the most dominant pitch at any given moment in time — Navigator can not detect multiple simultaneous notes. Though Navigator can make reasonably accurate transcriptions in most circumstances, Navigator’s note detector is not absolute and occasionally makes errors and might add some erroneous notes. But Navigator’s editing tools allow you to quickly hear, evaluate, and delete or modify any false notes. Navigator is designed to work on musical instrument solos, and is not really intended to detect the pitch of a human voice. Harmonically dense instruments like electric guitars, saxophones, blues harmonicas, and clarinets will detect better than harmonically sparse instruments, such as a flute or piano.

Slowed-down Play Speeds Increase Detail.

Navigator can also detect notes at different Slowed-down Speeds, which play the music more slowly make more measurements within the music, note detections at Slowed-down Speeds are much more accurate than detections done at the normal play speed. Slowed-down Speeds can also help the user gradually learn how to finger the notes of a solo as they play along upon their instrument at a slower pace. To also help the user follow the playing notes, Navigator can create a number of different animation schemes which vividly show the flow of upcoming notes. Navigator also comes with other educational tools, such as the ability to mark and store musical phrases of the MP3 recording. These stored musical phrases can later be reloaded from hard drive and played in a Infinite Loop mode during practice sessions.

More Midi Device Choices.

Nothing is needed other than Microsoft Windows, in order to use Navigator. Windows comes with a free, built-in, Midi Synthesizer which can play the notes that the Realtime Note Detector finds. Users can quickly pick from 96 stock Midi Instruments which are included with Windows while playing the music with the help of the Midi Instrument Control. Navigator can also access External Midi Devices that you might have connected to your computer. Then, while detecting notes or playing Notelist transcriptions, the midi notes will not come from your computer’s speaker but from the sound system you have connected to your External Midi Device.


For over a decade, Creative Detectors of California has designed software applications that have helped musicians and graphic artists explore new ideas through our unique detection technology. Creative Detectors first designed PitchScope Navigator, a software application which can automatically transcribe musical instrument solos from MP3 music files upon your computer. We also created HueScope Separator and HueScope PhotoStrator, software that can create watercolor illustrations from your photos and hand-drawn sketches. Creative Detectors is a software company dedicated to designing educational and creativity software for both adults and children alike.

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